Enterprise Security Management


Building upon decades of experience in managing global risks for governments and multinational organizations, XK Group’s experienced team creates and implements state-of-the-art information security compliance programs. These programs include creating all the necessary policies and implementing procedures coupled with exceptional crisis management for both smaller firms and those with hundreds of offices and thousands of staff worldwide.


Threat Assessment and Security Capability Analysis

As the first step in this process, a highlevel XK Group team conducts a risk assessment of a client’s level of security compliance capabilities and any potential threats. XK Group evaluates risks to the client’s personnel, information and physical assets as well as the perceived effectiveness of any human and technological solutions currently in place to protect them. In parallel with this threat assessment exercise, XK Group draws upon its technical experts to review all of the client’s security and privacy related policies and implementing procedures to ensure compliance with best practices, all within the applicable regulatory environment.


Remediation Plan

XK Group next identifies how a client can address weaknesses in its current policies and processes consistent with ongoing business needs and attendant operational risks. This plan advises a client on how to establish, implement, and maintain a formal and documented evaluation process that identifies the firm’s critical activities the potential impact a disruptive incident could have on these activities, and ensures that the client has the right policies in place to protect against or minimize the impact of any disruptions.. It will also include recommendations on any new technologies that should be integrated into these ongoing processes along with suggested vendors.


Chief Security Officer

XK Group also assists clients to recruit and train a best-in-class Chief Security Officer. Clients would also have the option of placing a XK Group professional on-site (or “in house”) on a full-time or part-time basis.



Believing that a client’s ability to build a secure business culture rests on a foundation of employee training and engagement, XK Group offers custom tailored training courses presented in person that far surpass the effectiveness of off-the-shelf online courses. Training covers cyber security, travel, physical risks, reputational risk, and health and safety best practices. In addition, XK Group conducts desk top reviews of mock security events with a client’s senior management team to ensure that when a crisis occursthe senior team is prepared, resilient, and resistant to disruptive outside forces while being flexible, decisive and fast in response.


Insider Threat Management Program

Insiders pose perhaps the biggest security risk to a company. Effective management of this risk requires a cross-functional approach that includes the active involvement of IT, information security, corporate security, human resources, legal, audit and other stakeholders. XK Group has extensive experience in conducting detailed insider- threat investigations and executing specific insider-threat management programs. XK Group also conducts background checks, which are the most effective screening tool to detect early warning signs with troubled employees and the potential threats they pose.


Crisis Response

Access to senior XK Group advisors can be made available 24/7 to guide crisis response planning and implementation. Such advisors can also be available on a regular basis to field questions on a variety of security and business intelligence topics.


Advanced Data Analytics

Clients can take advantage of XK Group’s experience and discounted subscription rates to access advanced data, cyber and open source/media analytics all of which will provide enhanced security and market intelligence in a variety of ways.