Strategic Advisory Services


XK Group’s deep connections at the highest levels of U.S. and international law enforcement, the global intelligence and military communities, and foreign governments will ensure that the following extensive range of services result in the best possible outcome for clients. In addition, strict attention to global anti-corruption laws will ensure the protection of client interests.


Risk Management

Effective Risk Management consists of both risk mitigation advice and asset recovery. In assisting clients to monitor threats to their personnel and operations, XK Group offers various levels of service, each specifically tailored to meet the precise needs of individual clients. These include detailed reports on particular countries or providing due diligence on potential partners. With a wide range of retainer fee options, clients will be able to choose from receiving ongoing monitoring and reporting on topics or regions of interest, to having XK Group staff on call to assist in managing global or local crises. XK Group also provides in-depth desk studies or field investigatory reports on any specific diligence topics clients may require.


Crisis Management

XK Group’s unparalleled human intelligence experience provides its clients with the edge they need to anticipate and respond to evolving political, cyber, economic and physical threats. With its depth and breadth of intelligence, law enforcement and military expertise, XK Group also offers ongoing crisis management advisory services.


Merger, Acquisition and Divestiture Services

XK Group conducts efficient social media reviews, big data analytics as well as best-in-class human intelligence to assist clients with contract negotiations and due diligence, including risk analysis across country, sector, company and key management staff.


Market Intelligence Subscription Reports

XK Group’s experts provide ongoing market intelligence and risk analysis reports on a subscription basis to clients in the form of daily or weekly briefings on specific regions or urgent topics affecting their operations and security.