Due Diligence

XK Group has world class due diligence capabilities to help clients to better understand their business partners and the industries and countries in which they are operating. Establishing a brand and protecting it is an always challenging task and companies operating internationally are often closely scrutinized for possible Foreign Corrupt Practices Act (FCPA) violations by themselves, or their overseas business partners. We conduct deep social media reviews, use big data analytics and other techniques, and employ best-in-class human intelligence assets to assist clients with their compliance programs and the risk analysis of key management staff, Boards of Directors, companies, business sectors, and countries. We routinely operate in obscure jurisdictions to provide our clients with the assurances they need to avoid FCPA issues.

Risk and Security Assessments

Our experts can deploy internationally to conduct a risk assessment of a client’s exposure and identify potential threats. We evaluate risks to a client’s personnel, information, and physical assets and more importantly, we make solid and honest recommendations of countermeasures our clients could take to mitigate risks. Members of XK Group have served in some of the most inhospitable countries in the world and are well-versed in assessing risks and developing countermeasures

Fraud Investigations

XK Group has experts on staff who are Certified Fraud Examiners (CFEs) as well as private investigators. This unique pairing allows us to take a comprehensive look at our client’s unique situations, compile data, ask questions, analyze environments, perform surveillance and pattern of life analysis, etc. We are very good at solving things and once the tactical “fix” is made, we can also help our clients to think strategically about what allowed the breach to happen in the first place and how to build an organization that is safer, more resilient, and better protected. We also train key executives, managers, and staff to better recognize the tells of a well-orchestrated fraud and how to protect against it.

Travel Services

The principals at XK Group have lived and worked all over the world and are adept at making calculated risk/gain decisions on travel. Whether it is a company retreat in Mexico, or a joint venture in Pakistan, we have experts who are deeply familiar with operating environments around the world. We assess risk using a custom methodology based on recognized risk management procedures and years of experience. We use search tools to monitor hundreds of feeds from around the world and monitor various government, law enforcement, and other sources for travel advisories and real-time updates. We assess the security threat and make recommendations on routes, hotels, and physical security.

Security Training

Many companies routinely send employees into dangerous operating environments. A client’s ability to build a secure business rests on a foundation of employee training and engagement. We provide custom tailored training courses that far surpass the effectiveness of off-the-shelf online courses. Training covers cyber security, travel, physical risks, situational awareness, surveillance detection, and other health and safety issues. We also provide a steady stream of ongoing education for the workforce via a variety of lectures and written products.

Competitive Intelligence

XK Group provides effective analysis on political and commercial developments to assist our clients with their strategic and tactical decisions. Our use of advanced data analytics can help provide clients market intelligence and an enhanced understanding of the markets where they operate. We offer a unique combination of innovative technology and professionals with the experience to interpret the data collected to develop strategies that enable our clients to thrive in a competitive global environment. The Group’s deep bench has developed lasting relationships with key political, business, and financial leaders in many countries and in many locations, the “know who” is just as, if not more important than the “know how.” This is especially true in emerging markets that often provide unparalleled opportunities for return on investment. We provide a unique mix of US and international executives, business leaders, former Ambassadors, analysts, intelligence professionals, and lawyers who have the skills to advise our clients on the myriad of challenges faced when working in emerging markets.

Background Investigations

When most people hear the phrase “background check” they assume it is a bare bones check on the criminal history of an individual. At XK Group we conduct open source intelligence checks as well as perform deep dives to try and figure out the character of the person we are investigating, checking credentials, social media, reference checks, and other assorted sources. The cost of a bad hire can be enormous. In addition to background investigations, XK Group can also conduct psychometric testing to make sure a prospective hire is the right fit for our clients.

Sensitive Investigations

The XK Group team is adept at conducting sensitive investigations for clients whether that investigation is to uncover fraud, blackmail, business email compromise (wire fraud theft), theft of intellectual property, sensitive personnel issues, etc. Experience at the highest levels of the intelligence community and law enforcement make our team particularly adept at carrying out investigations. The effective management of insider threat risk is also an area where we excel and XK Group has extensive experience conducting insider threat investigations related to wire fraud, etc.

Law Enforcement Liaison

When a crisis does occur, many organizations are hesitant or reluctant to self-report their issue to a government agency. XK Group helps clients with reporting by acting as a liaison with local and federal law enforcement. Our clients are able to take full advantage of our relationships with various members of the law enforcement community, which makes self-reporting straightforward and painless. By working closely with XK Group and law enforcement, clients can efficiently mitigate litigation and stop illegal activity.